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Terms & Conditions

This Section contains terms and conditions for AUS Antennas On Site AV Services.

(i) You agree that AUS Antennas will provide the Onsite Services to you at your premises, or at the premises directed by you.

(ii) AUS Antennas reserves the right to not provide the Onsite Services if, in our reasonable opinion:

(a) You have not complied with your obligations

(b) Your technical needs, or the state of the premises, are such that is impractical to provide the Onsite Services

(c) The AUS Antennas technician is concerned for his or her safety; or

(d) Anything occurs beyond our reasonable control which prevents us from providing the Onsite Services.

(iii) Unless otherwise specified, payment for the Onsite Services and any additional products bought must be made on the same day once the job is completed by a method of payment approved by AUS Antennas.

(iv) AUS Antennas includes all warranties in respect of goods and/or services that are provided by AUS Antennas to you under this agreement;

(a) In the case of goods, the replacement of equivalent goods.

(b) In the case of services, supplying the services again.

(c) If our goods or services are tampered with, by you, or anyone else not part of the AUS Antennas Team without instructions from AUS Antennas Personnel to do so, or the service has been impacted by something outside of our control eg. weather, warranties will not be valid past this point.

(d) If one of our technicians has been sent out for a warranty repair (free 10 year warranty service) and arrives onsite only to discover the fault is of the customers and not one of the AUS Antennas technicians (as mentioned above IV:(c)) the service will now be considered as a service call and a fee will apply of $99.

Privacy Policy

Collection & Use Of Information

If you are a customer (or have enquired about our services), we only collect personal information that is necessary for our business and we only use fair and lawful means to do so. We aim to ensure that you are aware of the purpose or purposes of our collection of information. The main types of information we collect includes contact details such as email address, name, physical address and phone contacts. Information is through online bookings/quotes or over the phone bookings.

We retain your service details in secure customer management systems. This is so that we have a record of past jobs so we can diagnose problems faster or provide you with prompt services should you book with us again.

If you are applying for a position with us, we may collect any information required in the course of our recruitment and management process such as your resume, contact details, skills, qualifications, residency status, referees, etc.